Janell Baxter, Matt Board, Greg Corness, and David Noffs speak at #docyourworld
April 24th, 5:30 pm, 1104 S. Michigan 8th floor

Student Work
36-2350 2D Art for Games
36-2606 Interactive Advertising Campaign
36-1300 Digital Image Design

IAM Summer Courses     
Interactive Media and Critical Theory Concordance     Metroid – feminism The Metroid games were one of the first video game series to have a breakthrough female lead character.  The reveal at the end of the game when you find out the character...
IAM Student Game submitted to indie game website!     Hello, I am currently a Game Design major in my senior year and final semester. Recently, I have a made a flappy bird inspired game called “Mayra the Headless Ft. Her Flying Head”....